Advantage Counseling
132 S. Water, Suite 630 Decatur, IL 62523
Linda Stennett-Brewer, CEAP, LCPC, DOT-Qualified Substance Abuse Professional

Paige Lees, LCPC

Molly, Office Manager





Welcome to the Advantage Counseling website, whether you're visiting out of curiosity or because you're thinking about seeking help.  There are many wonderful counselors in the area, and this website is meant to serve as a "virtual" interview and tour, so that you can better determine if our services are right for you.

The practice is named Advantage Counseling because we want it to be advantageous to clients:  the location, the privacy,  confidentiality, the hours of service, and the possibility of home visits to medically disadvantaged females in Decatur. 

In our office, you will not have to sit in a waiting room full of people or stand in line to reschedule.  The case opening paperwork is available on this website so you can print and complete it, and bring it with you to the first appointment.  

We are located at 132 S. Water, 6th floor, Suite 630.  This is the Millikin Bank building, located 1/2 block north of the Macon Co. Court House and 1.5 blocks south of Central Park.  You may recall that it previously housed Millikin & Magna Banks on the ground level.  It now houses Wells Fargo, Sikich Accounting, Romano Company, Decatur Chamber of Commerce,  First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust, and Christie Clinic. There is handicapped parking in the back.  There is free  diagonal parking for Millikin Building clients behind the Millikin Court Building on State Street, which is a one-way street running north, from Wood St. to E. Main St.  There is also free diagonal parking on S. Water St. in front of the building (2 hr. limit).  Entrance from the back runs along an iron-railed courtyard which separates Millikin Court from the Orlando Apartments.   Take a right when you enter, follow the hallway through the double doors, through which you'll find the elevator lobby with two elevators.  Go to 6th floor, take a right when you get off the elevator and go through the double doors.  We are immediatley on the left, across from the Ladies Restroom.

Navigate your way through our website to learn more about our services and facilities.

We live in difficult times.   It is a more dangerous world than it was even 20 years ago.  Daily world news informs us of terrorist attacks, beheadings, murder, political strife, school shootings, ongoing racism and hate crimes.  Popular TV shows feature murder, crime scene investigation, violence, espionage -- we've ventured far from the days of more innocent TV shows - which today would be found boring. 

When I was growing up, we could ride our bikes until dark without a thought of being abducted, raped, shot, etc.  We talked with our voices rather than our fingertips.    Through texting, people say things and send pictures that they might never do in person.  Social media wasn't even a concept until around 18 years ago.  Now it is a medium for political statements and debates, advertising, sexual indiscretions, group bullying,  family wars, recruitment of terrorists, and public shaming of anyone who does something that someone else doesn't like.  It is no wonder that we are a more nervous society, and that one in 10 Americans take psychiatric medications to help them cope with everyday life.

I have developed immense respect for the resilience I see in people who have experienced some of the worst and most painful experiences that life has to offer.  Not that it's easy - they've had to work for it.  I also respect what a struggle it is to recover from addictions.  It is not a matter of will power, as some people believe.  No one "chooses" to become addicted to a substance or behavior that could potentially ruin or end their lives.

If you decide that Advantage Counseling is right for you, please call Molly, our Office Manager, between 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Wednesday at 217-330-6963, to schedule an appointment.  The office is also open by appointment on Thursdays and Fridays and every other Saturday.  If you call on these days, please leave messages for Molly, Linda,  Monica or Paige (who is present every other Saturday).   Messages to Molly will be returned on Mondays.  Messages for counselors will be returned between sessions or as soon as possible.

Many thanks to Romano Company for visualizing and building our space to meet our needs.